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Sorry, but it’s true.

In fact, why am I saying sorry to you, you don’t have to live with him, you don’t have to put up with his higher than thou ways or his complete lack of commitment to parenting techniques that we have discussed, time & time again, you don’t have to be put down in front of your child(ren) when you try to discipline them DESPITE agreeing on NUMEROUS occasion that we would show a united front before the children and discuss differences on how the situation might have been managed AFTER the event.

So again, why do I say sorry to you.  I refuse, absolutely refuse to deny the fact that he acted out of line in confronting me in front of my child and during a moment when I was trying to discipline him.  I refuse to say that I was wrong and I refuse to apologise for my outburst (in front of the children for which I am ashamed).  It won’t hurt the kids to know that I, just as much as they can, can feel victimized and talked over, over looked and devalued.

Screw you arsehole, take your poxie flowers from Valentine’s and shove them firmly up your arse.


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