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I am not the adventurous type.

Never have been.

I’ve always done my best to avoid anything remotely “scary”, show rides, jumping off things or pretty much anything that involves me getting out of my comfort zone.

I hate heights.  That is anything that involves going down from a height.  Going up, great.  Standing, looking out over a horizon at a huge height, amazing.  Having to physically descend, bloody scary.  I even refused to go into a temple at Angkor Wat, THE temple to go into, just because I knew sooner or later I’d have to climb down.

Generally I don’t trust myself to get myself out of a tricky situation, and whilst I’m being honest, hate the thought that people will see me as inadequate in my attempts, so I play it safe by not attempting.

I attempted, tried, and succeeded last weekend.

I climbed, waded through water, scaled rocks, pushed myself even though I really just wanted to stop. “Here is fine thanks, this will do…..you keep going”.  It was so worth it.  To get through it, with my husband and two boys was amazing and I’m ridiculously  proud of myself knowing I could have quit at any point.

Thanks to my wonderful boys that gave me the courage to not wimp out.

We made it!

At the entrance to Kermit pool

The way we’d come


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So here I am, hand sewing a handmade (see extremely dodgy) cloth sign onto my 6 years olds shirt to get him ready for a fancy dress day at school, when between pricking my fingers with the needle I have a little laugh and think “if only 20 something me could see me now”.

Actually, and to be honest it is probably a good thing she/me can’t as this certainly isn’t something I thought I’d ever “sign” up for, but, somehow, I think it is the best decision, or non-decision, I’ve ever made.

I never wanted children, a husband, to be a stay at home mum, live in the burbs (or a country town as it turns out now), I never thought I’d wake up and spend the rest of my day looking after, caring for, providing, nurturing someone else, but here I am.

And I wouldn’t for the 30 something life of me be anywhere else.

His Zac Power shirt (Zac Power label by me over a Billabong label), spy phone, stink bomb, ID Card, Lanard card and GIB timing devise

And because I’m soo chuffed at my work…………another view

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